Smart IoT

Smart Home

SIP Intercom


Enjoy Smarter Home, Better Life

Lighter interactive system

Delicate UI Design

Brings easy-to-use and understand design to customers, let the interactions be more effective.

Managed By Spaces

Different home spaces can be managed easily, family-, room- and member-specific control permission can be established and shared to improve the convenience and security.

Human-centered Control

Replace tapping operation to sliding method, fluent interaction effect leads to better switching experience between different pages and tabs, while present of logical relevance is improved.

Lighter interactive system

Smart Life By Your Will

  • Enjoy the smart device linkageand automation.

  • Get real-time local weather and air quality information.

  • Know and control your devices anywhere and anytime.

  • One-tap to dim or switch the lights.

  • Smart appliances make your home cozier.