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I. Copyright

All contents in this website (including but not limited to: text, graphics, pictures, video and sound contents, LOGO, layout design, directories and categories) are owned by Star-Net NEXhome. The contents and software of this website are protected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and other related laws. Before uses of contents and services provided on this website for commercial, profit-making or advertising purposes by any other companies or individuals, a written permission must be obtained from Star-Net NEXhome or the relevant right holders; when using the contents and services provided on this website for non-commercial purposes, the provisions of the Copyright Law and other relevant laws shall be observed, the rights and interests of the website owner and the relevant right holder shall not be infringed.


1. Copyright objection

If the right holder believes that the text works, pictures, audio and video materials (hereinafter referred to as "works") involved in the content of this website infringe his/her copyright, please notify this website in writing in a timely manner, and this website will delete the allegedly infringing works or disconnect the corresponding links in accordance with the law; however, if the right holder cannot provide valid identity proof, proof of copyright ownership and proof of infringement, he/she shall be deemed not to have raised any objection. The website will not bear any responsibility for the wrongful deletion of the works or the wrongful disconnection of the link with the work due to the notification of the right holder.


2. Reproduction

All texts, pictures and audio & video materials on this website with Source: Star-net NEXhome are copyrighted by this website. Any media, website or individual reproducing or quoting the contents of this website must be used reasonably and in good faith for the purpose of public free news or information, and must not misinterpret or modify the original intention of the content from this website, any violations will be held responsible according to the law. Information excerpted or reproduced on this website belonging to a third party will be indicated with the specific source. Any media, website or individual downloading and using from this website must retain the information sources indicated on this website and bear their own legal responsibilities such as copyright.


II. Regulations on the use of the website

This website is an official website, any other commercial websites shall not establish links to this website and its contents without the permission of Star-net NEXhome. Without the authorization of the website owner, no one is allowed to establish a mirror of this website (including full and partial mirror). No organization or individual may illegally reproduce, copy, or use this website and its contents for any unauthorized commercial purpose. If the owner of this website determines that the user's behavior is illegal or detrimental to the interests of the website, he/she reserves the right to take relevant legal actions. This website strives to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the content of government information and materials published on this website itself; the laws, regulations, policies and other regulatory legal documents published within this website are subject to paper copies. This website may provide users with content and services from other websites through links on the website. This website does not control and is not responsible for these websites and their contents. Users are requested to pay attention to the relevant regulations of quoted websites when using the services provided by such websites, and to judge the possible results and risks by themselves in order to decide whether to use the contents or services provided by these websites.


III. User Information

1. Information Collection

Users can access this website and obtain information in an anonymous state, but users may need to provide personal information to this website when using some functions on this website (such as email, Q&A, etc.), including but not limited to the user’s name, date of birth, gender, contact information, ID number, email address, education level, occupation, etc. Users must ensure that the information provided is true, accurate, valid and complete, and update the registration information at any time, otherwise, this website has the right to cancel the user's registration or refuse to provide the corresponding website services.

When users browse this website, the system of this website will automatically collect the IP address and website browsing information of users. This information helps us to evaluate our website visitors and how users use and browse our website on an overall basis, including the number of visits, frequency and time spent on each page by visitors and users. By collecting the above information, we will conduct traffic statistics to improve the management and service of our website.


2. Use of information

The personal information provided by the user to this website may be used for the following purposes: (1) to verify the user's identity and provide corresponding services; (2) to carry out the user's instructions, respond to inquiries, suggestions or reported content made by the user or in the name of the user; (3) to compile traffic statistics regarding the use of the website; (4) to inform the user of relevant information by sending emails or in other ways. 

Without the user's permission, this website will not provide any personal information of the user to any third party, except for the occurrence of the following reasons: (1) in accordance with the rules and procedures established by this website, this website has good reason to believe that the authorization of the user has been obtained; (2) in accordance with the laws, regulations, policies and other regulatory legal documents of the People's Republic of China, this website is required to provide; (3) the objective situation attributable to this website, resulting in the disclosure of personal information; (4) force majeure, resulting in the disclosure of personal information; (5) due to the user's own fault, resulting in the disclosure of personal information; (6) beyond the scope of the technical capabilities of the hardware and software used on this website, resulting in the disclosure of personal information; (7) in an emergency to maintain the user's personal or social privacy and security; (8) to maintain the ownership of this website and related rights.


3. Information security

This website will strictly manage and protect the information provided by users, and will use appropriate technical measures (such as setting up server backup data and encryption of user passwords, etc.) to prevent users' personal information from being lost, stolen or tampered. If the user's information is damaged, leaked and lost due to force majeure or computer virus infection, hacker attack and other special reasons, the website will take necessary measures to minimize the user's loss, but the website will not assume any responsibility for this.


4. User's rights

Users may view, update and modify the personal information provided to this website through the relevant pages of this website, and may also request this website to delete such information.


IV. Disclaimer

This website does not provide any warranty for all information, content and services provided by third parties on this website. This website is not responsible for any loss caused by the use of the above information, content and services, including direct and indirect losses.