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NEXhome SIP Intercom Solution for Residential

   NEXhome Video Intercom integrates the Internet of Things, audio and video communication technology, provides smarter and solider property access for residents and visitors. From Biometric keyless access to using indoor units or mobile app to identify visitors and open doors, here are more features that residents and visitors will love.

System Benefits

Keyless Access

From unique facial recognition and soundwave to regular virtual keys, residents can open a door without any keys, keyfobs or access cards.

Remote Video

Residents can see and talk to visitors calling at the door before letting them in, even residents are not at home.

Visitor Keys

Temporary virtual keys such as PIN code, QR code and soundwave can be sent to visitor to allow managed access on one-time basis.

Home Controls

Smart home app can be installed in Android indoor units for residents to enjoy both home control and video intercom features right from the indoor units.

Community Communication

All residents can call their neighbors, security, services and property managers in the same community system via indoor units.

Admin System

NEXhome offers on-premise and hosted admin systems, both allow property owner and managers to deploy the intercom devices, manage stuffs, issue virtual keys, monitor devices status, and review the entry records.

System Structure


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