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NEXhome Intercom Solution for Commercial

   In tackling business challenges like enhancing productivity and resource efficiency, NEXhome video intercom solutions have come into play. Ideal for a wide range of business properties, mixed-used buildings, industrial warehouses, schools, retail stores, and more.

System Benefits

Managing Permission

Add or remove tenants with just a click. Even integrate your access control, time attendance or property management system to automate the process.

Self-service Kiosks

Outdoor units can be programmed to serve as virtual receptionists to assist visitors.

Remote Video

Residents can see and talk to visitors calling at the door before letting them in, even residents are not at home.

Video Access Control

Outdoor units with video intercom and built-in card readers bring controlled access at authorized entry points, adds an extra barrier of safety.

Complete Communication

Networked intercom systems can be easily integrated with SIP communication systems such as the existing phone system. This offers unlimited communication for staffs, visitors, security and services.

Expand Security

With integrated with monitoring system, security teams can monitor activity throughout an entire building or across several campuses, helping to form a stringent secure working environment.

System Structure


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