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NEXhome Intercom Solution for Public Area

   NEXhome video intercom systems provide video communication between locations at specific points within a community, across a park, or throughout a district. The presence of an intercom system, especially when it’s integrated with other security equipment, provides effective security measures to keep people safe, staff informed, and maintain quick security responses.

System Benefits

Remote Areas Safety

You can set up emergency towers with video intercom in the locations that are hard to patrol or monitor, such as parking garages and remote areas.

Quick Response

When people need help, they can call admin center via the video intercom installed nearby. The admin center can monitor and locate them for emergencies, providing quick assistance.

Reliable Communication

Asides from the direct commination with admin centers, the intercom system also supports call forwarding to mobile phone or landline, emergency calls will never be missed.

Outdoor Applicable

The video intercom is designed to handle harsh outdoor environment, with IP65 protection, temper-and vandal-proof.

System Structure


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