Smart IoT

Smart Home

SIP Intercom

Nebula Series Smart Switch Panel
Makes Home Well-organized and Smart
Be Simple and Modern
Find a comfortable balance between people and panel, let the spaces return to the beauty of simplicity
Large button design
Everything is just right
The simple "square" design frees up more space
makes control more precisely and intuitively
Frosted paintwork laser engraving
With delicate sandstone on the surface, the frosted hand feel is strong and
lasting; laser engraved icons with LED backlit can be waken up
multi-panel solution
The frameless design makes the panel fit flatly to the wall
integrated multi-panel combination can create versatile control
in space.
All-in-one smart control
Highly integrated with electric curtains, central aircon, floor heating and ventilation control system. Upgrade of the life experience.
Simple color options, the finishing touch to spaces
Colors inject vitality and make your home shine