SIP Intercom

Smart Home

Smart Building

Reinventing the classic, convey the beauty of sights
The ultimate bare-frame design
blending the product perfectly with the building structure
HD IPS screen brings rich color contrast in layers
Hard-core quality and sharpness
Android 9.0 OS with quad-core processor and large memory, enjoy the high-end intercom with rich features and smooth experience
IP65 Protection level
Outstanding quality in the market
Adopts high-quality mirror material and high-grade aluminum, brings higher strength
Dustproof, waterproof and flameproof; Tougher, safer and more reliable
Simulation of human eyes, convergence of light
RGB + IR dual camera with live detection technology, seeing things like the human eye
More accurate light and shadow capture technology, clearer imaging even in harsh environments
Innovative facial recognition technology
Backed by strong facial recognition technology and backend platform
the detection and recognition rate will be doubled by constant self-learning