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SIP Intercom

The Light of Technology
The Beauty of Smart
Rich features for various scenarios
Duplex SIP intercom, Access control, Video surveillance, remote call; Support both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection, can be deployed
in different scenarios. The compact design and IP65 protection level makes E20 good for various scenarios from indoor to outdoor
Big button, easy to control
Flat and big button with soft light around, you can find the target even in a dark environment
Duplex Intercom, premium voice quality
Built-in digital noise-canceling microphone with long voice pickup range. Visitor’s voice can be
heard clearly in noise environment with smart FPGA dual-core wide dynamic noise reduction algorithm
Built as result of craftsmanship
E20 is designed by our talented engineering team, the LED fill light makes images of camera more realistic. The fill
light ring is perfectly integrated with the button light ring
Provide protection for single houses, apartments and offices
Office Access Control
Single-family Housing
Park Column
Parking Lot


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