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Smart Face Recognition SIP Door Phone
Constructing the smart connection between people and space
G510S adopts 5-inch IPS full lamination LCD without bezel design, integrated
all-black appearance presents a low-key, luxurious temperament
Newly upgraded UI and UX give warm and friendly to welcome
every new user. The simple and clear guide can offer you a
hasle-free and effective first-time installation experience
The main interface of G510S supports multiple style settings, whether it is "full face recognition interface" or "full function interface", allowing users to focus on
the screen content while shaping a unique interactive experience. Users can switch between apartment intercom mode and office access control mode
G510S is builded through the fine craft to achieve IP65 level, ensure a full range of
waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof effect, to avoid dust hazards, rainstorm
attack and other abnormal conditions
Equipped with HD dual camera, G510S using deep learning algorithm to capture
and identify facial image automatically. Support live detection, defense the
malicious attacks such as photo flipping, screen flipping and others, is further
improved, up to 0.1 seconds recognition speed and 99.8% recognition rate, to
achieve fast and accurate identification
G510S can offer various smart access credentials, such as face recognition, QR code, hands-free Bluetooth, and even hybrid
authentication like Face+PIN, meeting the requirements of different users as well as enhancing entry security
G510S is designed with built-in wall-mounted bracket, which can be fixed by one hand
and the installation process is convenient and fast. The device supports anti-disassembly
alarm device, which will be triggered in case of malicious disassembly
Suitable for villas, office access control and other places


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