Smart IoT

Smart Home

SIP Intercom

Future Boundless Design
The 15.6-inch EdgePad S immerses you in a smart home experience with a
UNIBODY bezel-less design. It is created with cutting-edge power
technology, establishing a smart home exemplar of luxury
Tempered through a Thousand Trials
Smart Embodied in Material
Crafted with precision by the technology, the 2.5D curved surface offers a smooth transition and a
dynamic and elegant visual experience. The high-precision aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame
is integrally formed, utilizing high-precision CNC diamond cutting technology to create an
ultra-thin bezel for a borderless large screen, reshaping the beauty of vision with smart
Multi-Protocol, Multi-Integration
Open Interconnection and Full Compatibility
Simultaneously supports multi-integration and multi-protocol access methods such as ZIGBEE, KNX, RS-485, SIP, etc., enabling rapid connection of a large
number of smart devices, breaking through device quantity limitations. This allows for unlimited expansion of different brands and devices ensuring high
stability, security, and efficient operation, making smart interconnection easier
Building the Most Comprehensive Smart Environment in History
Self-developed full-environment smart system, enjoy a diverse smart ecosystem. Endless expansion of home, community, and entertainment scenarios
Multiple-scene smart linkage, multiple modes, freely switchable, customizable quality home life
Creating an Ultra-Smart Home that Knows You Best
The smart home brain is always online, utilizing cloud computing and innovative AI technology.
Combining weather, temperature, time, and situations to provide proactive voice greetings and
heartwarming reminders
Spin with Fingertips
to Unlock the Magic Space
Innovative interaction, industry's first to replace physical buttons with virtual knobs. Rotate to
adjust lights, A/C, and music with infinite control. Customise dynamic smart scene
atmosphere around scene needs and user habits
Multi-Screen Linkage, Define Your Style
Multi-screen combination linkage, quickly operation of different area devices. Synchronized entertainment
functions, dual/multi-screen operation without interference, innovatively interconnected
Horizontal or Vertical Linkage
Adapt to Your Preferences
Multiple screens freely adapt, tailored to your habits. Seamless
multi-screen bezel-less design, horizontal or vertical combination
arrangement as you desire
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